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Maintenance cum renovation is a requirement of livable space to add value & aesthetic look for any home that our Interior designer in Bhubaneswar specialized in. With time any building requires repairing like waterproofing, grading, replacement of flooring, plumbing, repainting, and interior & exterior designing. For all these needs, we are here to provide you with a hassle-free experience.

 Interior designer in Bhubaneswar is not all costly as you think, we understand your requirements and budget to provide the best what sums in it. Get a Free consultation today!

How It Works

Every building or living space has its own requirement. We better understand the customer's needs, structural needs. So the first step is requirement identification

Every requirement does not have priority. So we arrange them in order of their priority. It helps to make a budget-friendly quotation. The second step is to create suggestive quotations. 

When the customer accepts the quotation ,then the third step is 2D layout, 3D visualization, walk through are prepared accordingly.  

The last step is to execute the planning as per  priority, planing &  requirement.

About US

Ownur is a home solution company. We provide all the required services for a modern livable space. Our services  for interior designer in Bhubaneswar includes Interior design, home automation & renovation, layout planning, 2D plans, 3D elevation, 3D rendering, walk-through.

    The  properties in Ownur marketplace are a no brokerage, no commission absolutely free property posting site. Where brokers, agencies & property owners can post their properties for sell. So the buyer can get the right information to make a hassle-free buying experience.

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Get A Free Consultation